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Re: Incognito Live CD using Polipo

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4: Yes. Also, if possible, have HTTP referers disabled as well.

Keep up the good work!


Pat Double wrote:
> Incognito is a Live CD aimed towards anonymity. (Links given
> below).
> I am considering changing the Incognito LiveCD to use Polipo. I
> have a branch with it enabled. Currently it is using a
> squid/privoxy combination. I need to know: 1. An appropriate polipo
>  config. 2. Features in privoxy that should be implemented in other
>  ways, via extensions, polipo config, etc. 3. I have a short list
> of forbidden domains to block ads and trackers. Other
> undesirable/dangerous domains can be added. Suggestions for this
> list, or whether to do this at all are welcome. Note that I am
> aiming to provide this functionality to browsers other than Firefox
>  so ('just install AdBlock') is not a complete solution. 4. Is the
> AdBlock Firefox extension a good thing to include?
> See the links below:
> Incognito description -
> http://www.patdouble.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogsection&id=3&Itemid=6
> Polipo config -
> https://tor-svn.freehaven.net/svn/incognito/branches/polipo/root_overlay/etc/polipo/
> Thanks.

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