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A Server-oriented Incognito?

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Hey all,
    I was just checking my mail and a (presumably) new Tor user had
e-mailed me regarding one of my Tor articles on MPAssetProtection.com,
a privacy related site. The essence of his question was whether or not
it was possible to create a portable flash-drive Tor implementation
that could be used to serve content. I explained to him how to go
about doing this manually, which is something of a pain, especially
for newbies. This got me thinking:

What if someone developed a server-oriented version of Incognito that
was designed to me remotely accessed, and thus had only the bare
essentials to do various hidden services and act as an OR?

This can probably be very easily done. No, I don't have the time or
desire to do it myself (I'm in my last year of college plus work, and
I'm NOT a CS major [Polisci]) ;)

Hopes this spawns something creative.


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