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Re: A Server-oriented Incognito?

On Tuesday 09 October 2007, Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:
> Hey all,
>     I was just checking my mail and a (presumably) new Tor user had
> e-mailed me regarding one of my Tor articles on MPAssetProtection.com,
> a privacy related site. The essence of his question was whether or not
> it was possible to create a portable flash-drive Tor implementation
> that could be used to serve content. I explained to him how to go
> about doing this manually, which is something of a pain, especially
> for newbies. This got me thinking:
> What if someone developed a server-oriented version of Incognito that
> was designed to me remotely accessed, and thus had only the bare
> essentials to do various hidden services and act as an OR?
> This can probably be very easily done. No, I don't have the time or
> desire to do it myself (I'm in my last year of college plus work, and
> I'm NOT a CS major [Polisci]) ;)
> Hopes this spawns something creative.

Here's a stab at it.


The description of how to do it is at the following link, search for "Hidden 

The implementation details are in the following script:

Note that this solution ONLY serves static content via the lighttpd web 
server. No IRC, CGI, PHP, Wiki, etc. I really don't think you'd want to do 

Pat Double, pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Ye must be born again." - John 3:7

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