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Re: A Server-oriented Incognito?

Pat Double wrote:

> If someone would identify what software would be desired and how to configure 
> it on the USB drive, I'd be willing to look into it. You'd need a web server, 
> hopefully something smaller and simplier than apache, any other kind of 
> server? Since you'd want the ability to edit the content on the USB drive, 
> the config could be in a directory structure like "/hidden". The private key 
> would need to be available, I would think in the home volume though since 
> truecrypt can be used to encrypt it.

Truecrypt works nicely on USB keys.  I haven't tried using it yet under
a bootable Linux install on a USB key, though I know of one such distro
(Puppy Linux) that uses AES encryption on an optional basis to encrypt a
persistent datastore on a USB key if you configure it to do so.

> Anyone else interested? Someone who is running hidden services have ideas, 
> concerns?

It would probably have to be stripped down a lot, but XAMPP might be
someplace to start:


Also, Puppy Linux has its own web server that is complex enough to run a
small wiki as a personal tool.  This might be usable for what you speak of.

I haven't had the time lately to play with anything else, but when I do
I'll write it up.


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