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Re: Abuse complaint

Yup, and I suspected that they would say something about that...but they didn't. The TWC representative just asked me to assure that the attack would not occur again. So perhaps ISPs are accepting the reality that customers will run "servers" on residential cable modem service?

Actually, I was looking up TWC's terms of service to support my claim, and it seems in light of being beat up upon by the FCC for the "network management" foolishness, they've simplified it quite a bit.


However, like many ISPs, it still contains this clause :

The ISP Service may not be used to breach or attempt to breach the security, the computer, the software or the data of any person or entity, including Operator, to circumvent the user authentication features or security of any host, network or account, to use or distribute tools designed to compromise security, or to interfere with another's use of the ISP Service through the posting or transmitting of a virus or other harmful item to deliberately overload or flood that entity's system.

... and they make no distinction between YOU (as in the real you) and TOR (as in traffic that appears to come from you, but isn't the real you) .. all they care about is what comes out of your pipe.

Anyway .. good luck, and keep up the good fight!


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University