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Re: Abuse complaint

     On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 15:32:18 -0400 Michael Holstein <michael.holstein@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to respond to these 
>> complaints?  Is IP filtering the best (or only) option for addressing 
>> TWC's issues?
>You do know that running a server of ANY kind on a residential 
>connection is generally against the provider's terms of service, right?
     I've occasionally had that pointed out to me by "customer service" or
"technical support" types at ISPs, too.  Something I've been doing lately that
seems not to be triggering that response is to refer to tor running on my
system not as a "server", but rather as a "relay" or "communications relay".
I haven't been using these labels long enough yet to be sure whether the lack
of admonishments is purely happenstance or is actually the result of using
the new labels, but it seems at least possible that not waving the word
"server" in their faces may keep them from thinking that it's a problem.
     When you think about it, you realize that damned few of the people taking
the support calls have any real idea what we're talking about.  Being aware
of keywords likely used in their corporate training sessions may help us to
avoid the tripwires.

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