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Re: Configure Filezilla 3.0.11 to use Tor.

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Luis Maceira @ 2008/10/23 13:54:
> The steps to configure Filezilla 3.x to use Tor in
> http://www.torproject.org Toryfing apps...
> seem not correct as I can't find under Settings... the Generic Proxy to
> point to
> port 9050.Only an ftp proxy appears under Settings...,which by the way
> should not be
> used,as is written there.
> Are there other ways to configure Filezilla 3.x,or is this something
> specific to this 3.0.11,
> and in other 3.x versions Generic Proxy appears under Settings...

it looks like the stable version of filezilla is now 3.1.5.  is there
any particular reason you need to use 3.0.11?  if not, maybe 3.1.5 has
the generic proxy option?

i used to use filezilla, and then the generic proxy option disappeared,
like you are describing.  i talked to the developers and they said
something like they forgot to include the generic proxy option, or they
didn't feel it was needed, or something like that.  so, i started using
WinSCP, which had the option for FTP connection with proxy.  not sure if
you are using Windows, but perhaps there is another application you can
try, if filezilla no longer works well with Tor.