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Re: Geode: some more headaches for TorButton? :-P

* on the Thu, Oct 09, 2008 at 01:11:37PM +0200, Tom Hek wrote:

> It's really scary when a random website can request your physical  
> location imo.. I really hope you can disable that shit in the new  
> version of Firefox when they include it..

Rather than adding to the speculation, I thought I'd actually test the plugin.
Whenever a site requests your location, your browser asks permission to send it,
and also allows you to specify how much granularity to provide. You can also
tick a box to make your browser remember those settings for a particular

This is no risk whatsoever. They'll almost certainly include an option to turn
it off altogether, but even if they don't you have to explicitly state that
the website is allowed to see your location.