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Re: Geode: some more headaches for TorButton? :-P

     On Thu, 9 Oct 2008 04:32:16 -0700 (PDT) J B <jbb90046@xxxxxxxxx>
>thanks to you guys who helped me unsubscribe.
>however, note that actually my (yahoo) address has full headers and I dont see any way to unsubscribe, apart from how you guys said to do it.
>I checked the headers and there is nothing about it, even under word search.
>I think these headers only arrive to certain people, maybe using mail clients etc, yahoo doesn't deliver them or they get stripped out some how

     Well, then send a complaint to yahoo that they have been censoring your
email.  That header appears on every message sent out on this list, so if
the headers are missing, it's because yahoo removed them (a stupid thing for
them to do, to be sure).
>Whoever is responsible for this list might wanna add an attachment to all emails on how to unsubscribe as none of the emails I ever got showed how to do so in headers or anywhere else. thanks good luck.
     How about just getting into the habit of saving the initial responses
you get from a mailing list server when you first subscribe?  That way you
always have the information at hand.  Instructions on how to unsubscribe were
included in a message sent to you confirming the fact that your email address
had been added to the list.

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