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Re: Single nodes (was same first hops)

On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 08:21:54PM +0100, Geoff Down wrote:
> >They weren't my usual entry nodes, no. It's a mystery.
> >
> It's just happened again - 12 single nodes as well as my 3 normal entry 
> nodes and their circuits.
> Is there some level of logging I should have on to capture what's going 
> on?

Tor makes its directory fetches using one-hop circuits. It started doing
this in
  - Enable encrypted directory connections by default for non-relays,
    so censor tools that block Tor directory connections based on their
    plaintext patterns will no longer work. This means Tor works in
    certain censored countries by default again.

Vidalia shows all the circuits, because it can't really distinguish what
you (or your Tor) are planning to use the circuit for.

Down the road, we may switch it so it makes these one-hop circuits to your
entry guards. No point revealing your existence to any more relays than
you have to. The phrase for this new design would be "directory guards";
you can see it scattered about the TODO file and roadmaps.