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Re: "Waiting for circuit"-problem (newbie)

Thanks again!

Vidalia's Network Map: no, there are no lines on the map; but I've 998 relays listed as "online" at the left side with names and so on. The window belob says (translated): <empty path> and beside of this <new>. After some seconds the "new" gets "missed". It seems to check new ways but actually can't GO one.

In the meantime I've tried to solve my Privoxy problem- I suppose it's part of the whole problem- but without success. Firefox says: "505;  This is Privoxy 3.0.6 on localhost (, port 8118, enabled" and "Connect failed. Your request for http://de.start2.mozilla.com/firefox?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:de:official could not be fulfilled, because the connection to de.start2.mozilla.com ( could not be established. " Privoxy starts automatically, so it RUNS. But I can't get a connection outwards.
I tried to find answers on the Privoxy websites on this, but I've done all I have to do for the installation; also if I change the netconnection as requested from Privoxy to and 8118 manually for e.g. Safari, it brings the same information. I can't find anything else I HAVE to do, to get it work.

Am 13.10.2008 um 02:45 schrieb phobos@xxxxxxxxxx:

On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 02:18:02PM +0200, buchenstab@xxxxxxxx wrote 1.1K bytes in 34 lines about:
There's an option at vidalia for the firewall; I tested it with the  
ports set automatically ("80,443"), but there's no success. Anything  
else I could/should add? I'm a bit worried I forgot something "basic" to

After install, it should just work once you start Vidalia.    You do
manage to talk to other nodes because you get enough info to build
circuits.  When you look in Vidalia's Network Map, do you see yellow
lines on the map of the world?  In the window below the world map, do
you see connections with Status of "Open"?