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Privacy News Aggregator

Tor Community,

  We are working on a news aggregation website that will coalesce
  privacy related matters into a single rich-media website. That
  means technology, politics, business, finance, etc. as they
  relate to solely privacy, typically affecting the individual.

  We are looking for those who might be interested in contributing
  tips or columns on a daily, weekly, or semimonthly basis. Articles
  would be between 150 to 600 words.

  Currently this is a love-of project that is being run without
  profit by those who enjoy privacy. This means those of you who
  want to elevate your public exposure, project, blog, promote a
  service or privacy product that is related will have advertising
  and backlink compensation. If the project becomes monetized, we
  will begin compensating columnists.

  If you are interested, please drop me a line directly.