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about the legal consequences of the data-retention in germany for tor server owners

I'm a law student at the saarland university. I got noticed in the newest blog entry of the tor-blog that you wanna gather some information about what the owner of tor-servers in germany have to do on 01.01.2009. And what are the legal consequences for them in germany of the data retention law.

Early this year I gave a talk at the third Merziger medienrechtlichem Seminar about Tor in Germany and the data retention law and these upcoming issues. It was planned that I release a paper about it but sadly I never found the time to finish it. Nevertheless I wanna share all information I gathered so far. In the link at the end of the email you will find an impress presentation I used at the talk and a little mind map of it. At last you will find the !!NOT FINISHED!! paper I started. Please keep in mind while reading it that it's not finished but you will get my point if you read it. It's all in german. Presentation and paper need OpenOffice, the mindemap needs vym. Oh and yes the paper uses this template (http://web.fu-berlin.de/defo/fb/buecher.html#hausarbeiten) and it could be that you need it to view it but I'm not sure about this.

If some other german jurist is interested to join in and work with me together on finishing this paper, you're pretty welcome to contact me!!

	  Sebastian Schmidt 

 * http://www.stud.uni-saarland.de/~s9sescmi/tor-dret-ger.tar.bz2
 * http://www.stud.uni-saarland.de/~s9sescmi/tor-dret-ger.tar.bz2.asc

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