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Re: Performance

The problem isn't the proxy software, it's the tor network.
There are a lot of node that are really slow, and i don't mean bandwidth,
but latency.

I have changed the route length to 2 hops, and i excluded some countries
altogether (i know this is bad for anonymity, but i'm ok with that). I
have also selected some nodes that seem to work good for me as entry
This has made it a bit more usable.

I noticed that i still have very poor performance sometimes, even with
fast (as in bandwidth) nodes. Some nodes taht i found to have high latency
are blutmagie,chaoscomputerclub23 and kyirong (drops most connections).

gpfTOR3,SEC,dotplex1 and Tonga seem to have low latency.

It's not a static thing though, sometimes the 'slow' nodes perform ok and
sometimes the 'fast' nodes perform poor, but overall it seems there are
'good' and 'bad' nodes.

Maybe it's some hardware/network issue of the particular nodes.


> Alessandro Donnini schrieb:
>> True, I did take that into account. I could be mistaken but I think the
>> main
>> problem lies with the proxy software.
> I seriously doubt that. But you can check that if you use
> Polipo/Privoxy, but not Tor.
> Dominik