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Re: bad exit blacklisting

2008/10/25 <phobos@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 11:10:21PM +0200, slush@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 2.5K bytes in 49 lines about:
: > as far as I read Tor documentation, I cannot find mechanism, how can be
: > exit node marked as "Bad exit". Is there any standardized mechanism for
: > detecting bad exits and marking them in directory servers?

I believe the answer is the bad node detection would have to run on the
directory servers.

But it is not implemented anywhere. In soat script is just placeholder function for exporting bad exits, but it is not implemented yet.
: > Im asking because Im working on automatic bad exit detection and Im
: > interesting, how it can be automatically propagated for wide masses of tor
: > users. Instead of "BadTorNodes page" author, im not paranoid with used
: > algorithm and I can publish source codes (after confirmation on live data).

Is this related to torflow or Coding Project #1 at
https://www.torproject.org/volunteer.html.en#Projects ?

You may want to check out torflow at

Yes, Im working on similar project as soat.py, but with a little different method. The main difference is that Im not comparing html page downloaded via Tor and via direct connection, but I retrieve many copies of the same page via many exit nodes and doing some transformation on that. Using this method, I have less false-positives in case of dynamic page. I think it is the main difference, but there is more little "improvements" (or things with different implementation).

Originally, I was thinking about improvements of existing soat.py, but there is absolutely different access to problematic, so it is easy to write it from scratch. Im just curious, if there is interest from anybody other and if it is teoretically possible to use my work as (part of) detecting mechanism on directory servers. Im writing that as part of my thesis, but I will be glad, if anybody will find useful for self. It can be reason for writing script as fully working application, not just prototype (code snippets), which fulfill requirements of my thesis.