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simple user question - someone please reply!

Hello TOR community members,

this question might seem stupid to you, but it is essential for TOR usage, and with my knowledge as a user-only, I couldn't answer it with the TOR documentation/FAQ.

Why is it that when I enter a non-existant URL in Firefox/TOR (e.g. http://www.krachunddonner.de/ ), I receive a screen (http://alicesuche-de.aol.de/suche/alice_afe_landing.jsp?invocationType=500error_alice&q=www.krachunddonner.de/) from MY internet provider saying the requested site couldn't be found AND containing the requested URL in a search field?

This means that whether I'm using TOR or not, my provider always knows the URLs of the sites I access (or try to access), right?

TORs "exit node" is a step in front of my provider, so my provider can log which sites I access, and, in case I don't use encrypted connections, even all content I access. And he knows WHO's accessing it. Correct?

How else can it be that I receive that screen containing the URL I tried to access?

Please answer or tell where I can find an answer I can understand without a lot of technical knowledge.

Thank you!!