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Re: simple user question - someone please reply!


Its not you that that the provider will log but the Exit node, as all
your traffic goes via the exit node. The provider (or mode
specifically the DNS server) will see it as a request by the exit
node, and will see that it doesnt exist, and will show the exit node
the search page.. and this is forwarded to you by the exit node).

So if the provider is logging information, it will log information
coming from the exit node. If you're using plain http (instead of
https) then the provider can possibly sniff any username passwords and
other data you may enter.


On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 4:30 PM,  <vorwaertsgang@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello TOR community members,
> this question might seem stupid to you, but it is essential for TOR usage,
> and with my knowledge as a user-only, I couldn't answer it with the TOR
> documentation/FAQ.
> Why is it that when I enter a non-existant URL in Firefox/TOR (e.g.
> http://www.krachunddonner.de/ ), I receive a screen
> (http://alicesuche-de.aol.de/suche/alice_afe_landing.jsp?invocationType=500error_alice&q=www.krachunddonner.de/)
> from MY internet provider saying the requested site couldn't be found AND
> containing the requested URL in a search field?
> This means that whether I'm using TOR or not, my provider always knows the
> URLs of the sites I access (or try to access), right?
> TORs "exit node" is a step in front of my provider, so my provider can log
> which sites I access, and, in case I don't use encrypted connections, even
> all content I access. And he knows WHO's accessing it. Correct?
> How else can it be that I receive that screen containing the URL I tried to
> access?
> Please answer or tell where I can find an answer I can understand without a
> lot of technical knowledge.
> Thank you!!
> Pat