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Monitoring TOR

Hi all,

I had some problems with my TOR server (plotin) recently. My provider
hard-limited my bandwidth from 100Mbit to 10MBit and the ongoing massive
data from TOR users essentially DoS'ed my server afterwards. As the
server is mainly used for TOR I didn't notice anything strange until the
node did no longer appear in the torstatus pages.
What happened was that the server was not able to obtain new directory
information due to timeouts and thus could not create new circuits.

As I'm quite certain that such a thing will happen again (my provider
limits the bandwidth after some amount of data has been transfered) I'm
looking for some kind of monitoring for the TOR server. Is there
something out there (mon daemon script for example) or do I have to
build something from scratch?



PS. As a result of this I had to limit the bandwidth the TOR server may
use significantly, sorry guys :-(