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Re: controller problem

grarpamp wrote:
> Why am I getting unrecognized key with ns but not desc?
> I know this worked before because it's coded in some local scripts.
> And I still see it in control-spec.
> getinfo ns/id/9D4D995AA745A3CAA6276AFAD505D3E4097AA075
> 552 Unrecognized key "ns/id/9D4D995AA745A3CAA6276AFAD505D3E4097AA075"
> getinfo desc/id/9D4D995AA745A3CAA6276AFAD505D3E4097AA075
> 250+desc/id/9D4D995AA745A3CAA6276AFAD505D3E4097AA075=
> router BostonUCompSci 443 0 80

When Tor hasn't got any network status information about the id you are asking 
for, it throws an "Unrecognized key" error. My guess is that the router is 
only in the descriptor list, but not in the network status one. The former 
seems to have much more router than the latter.
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