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Re: arm, TorCtl, and FreeBSD

On Sun, 4 Oct 2009, Damian Johnson wrote:

The most recent version tries to resolve the pid with pidof, netstat, then
ps. The only issue I'm aware of at the moment for arm on BSD/OSX is that
their versions of netstat are different from Linux so the connections page
won't show you anything. Someone's suggested using lsof as a fallback (it's
supposed to be more portable), which I'll look into at some point. Cheers!

Thanks again for this great tool - it's difficult to put time and resources into running a Tor node without having any indication that it's "working".

It's possible that there is a group of command line switches in BSD netstat that, while different from the switches you use with GNU netstat, might provide the same information.

If not, I patiently await integration with netstat so that I can see the connections page in FreeBSD.
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