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Re: Torbutton 1.3.0-alpha: Community Edition!

On 10/01/2010 08:51 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
> Intuition also tells me that tor:// and tors:// urls will be easier to
> use, understand, and remember by the general public.. Can you give
> some examples/reasons why just using these schemes actually prevents
> us from doing this scheme layering idea for other protocols in the
> future (when it is supported)? In otherwords, why can't we just do both?

There is no reason why not.  As long as there are no obvious risks with
a  user clicking on a public tor:// URL and initiating the proxy layer. 
My understanding of the implementation is that all traffic occurring in
the host browser after a tor:// request is initiated would be re-routed
unless the 'tor' schema handler launched a separate host browser.   This
may not be the intention of the user and may conflict with accessing IP
whitelisted services (FTP hosts, etc...)

I haven't tried the new version yet,  is there a descriptive popup that
explains what's happening when a user clicks a tor:// or tors:// ?


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