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beneficia versus maleficia

I am facing a moral dilemma in regards to joining the tor proxy
network.  I am hoping a discussion may alleviate some of my concerns.

On the pro side we have a group of individuals whose intentions for
using the technology are consistent with common values.  These include
uses such as researching medical conditions and accessing/providing
knowledge forbidden by an authoritarian presence.  On the con side, the
technology can be used for diabolical purposes such as predatory and
violent behavior (for example; pedophilia and bomb making).

The technical challenges of discriminating between these uses are
elusive at best.  One facebook session may be noble while another may be
predaceous.  Although risk associated with enabling an individual to
overcome obstacles in the quest for knowledge is acceptable to me, the
thought of enabling a devious mind to harm other individuals is hard to

I'd like to hear other thoughts and comments about this.


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