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Re: Are these torrc entries necessary?

Thus spake Matthew (pumpkin@xxxxxxxxx):

> Probably well over a year ago Tor seemed really slow and I wanted to 
> speed it up.   These settings were recommended (I can't find the website 
> now).
> CircuitBuildTimeout 30
> NumEntryGuards 6
> KeepalivePeriod 60
> NewCircuitPeriod 15
> Are these valid today?  AIUI Tor is way faster than it was a year or so ago?

If you run tor, the CircuitBuildTimeout is now automatically
learned, and typically results in a value around 3-5s for broadband

The other options I think were hacks to try to help make this lower
hardcoded timeout value give you more benefit. I wouldn't use them
with the new code.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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