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Re: AdvTor

Thus spake Anon Mus (my.green.lantern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> Well, well, well.... suddenly the problem fixes "itself"... after 20+ 
> disconnects and 10+ "You are using a proxy which is changing your 
> data... refusing connection.." over the past 3 days.
> Must be just another co-incidence ..funny though how it was still 
> failing a minute prior to my post being written today. This must be 
> similar to the DNS resolution problem (unable to resolve DNS and so 
> failed page access) to webcrawler.com when using these servers as exits 
> the last 4 weeks... (might be fixed now, but these are all in my exclude 
> as exits list, so I wouldn't know).
> spfTOR1,spfTOR2,gpfTOR1,gpfTOR2,Amunet1,Amunet2,Amunet3,Amunet4,Amunet5,Amunet6,Amunet7,Amunet8,Amunet9,Amunet10,Amunet11,Amunet12,blutmagie,blutmagie2,blutmagie3,blutmagie4 

That's an interesting list. It looks like you just took the top 20 fastest
exits and listed them.

Are you excluding these because of proven malicious activity; because
of poor connectivity; because they are banned from most sites; or just
because you needed a button to make your Internet as slow as possible,
and Tor seemed like the best choice?

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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