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Re: AdvTor

Mike Perry wrote:
Thus spake Anon Mus (my.green.lantern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

Well, well, well.... suddenly the problem fixes "itself"... after 20+ disconnects and 10+ "You are using a proxy which is changing your data... refusing connection.." over the past 3 days.

Must be just another co-incidence ..funny though how it was still failing a minute prior to my post being written today. This must be similar to the DNS resolution problem (unable to resolve DNS and so failed page access) to webcrawler.com when using these servers as exits the last 4 weeks... (might be fixed now, but these are all in my exclude as exits list, so I wouldn't know).


That's an interesting list. It looks like you just took the top 20 fastest
exits and listed them.

Yes this makes it very worrying that such high volume exits are "bad" servers, as they grab all your circuits' exit positions. If they a traffic loggers (ie spies) then Tor users are in trouble.

Are you excluding these because of proven malicious activity; because
of poor connectivity; because they are banned from most sites; or just
because you needed a button to make your Internet as slow as possible,
and Tor seemed like the best choice?

These were added because, as I already said, they were repeatedly (5+ times on 5 different circuits) "unable to resolve DNS and so failed page access",. this is a standard privoxy message.

Prior to end August 2010, if this kind of message was received I just used to close the circuit and try again. Usually it would resolve by the 3rd try. I tested these exits to see if they could resolve other urls, they did so with ease, no errors.

But at the end August every time I closed the circuit I got one of the "blutmagie,blutmagie2,blutmagie3,blutmagie4" exits again and these could not resolve the DNS of webcrawler.com. So I did a little investigation and found that ALL these were not resolving this DNS but simple (web based) one hop proxies put on at the end of tor (globally) could resolve this dns.

So I placed them all (the blutmagie ones) in my ExcludeExitNodes this stopped the problem... and I was able to access webcrawler.com via TOR for a while.

A week later however the problem re-occurred this time with ..


So I put all the Amunet exits on the ExcludeExitNodes as well.

The next week the problem re-occurred with "spfTOR1,spfTOR2,gpfTOR1,gpfTOR2" so I Excluded them also. And with a few more exits (all German/US) in the following weeks the problem was cured. No problems now for 2 weeks. Web pages are as fast as before I excluded these nodes.

I use webcrawler.com because it is multi-search engine and it has low bandwidth pages so its ideal for TOr users.

(Maybe another search engine, like google.com, owns/sponsors these exits and is blocking the resolution of its competitor ??)

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