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Re: AdvTor

Jim wrote:
Anon Mus wrote:

These were added because, as I already said, they were repeatedly (5+ times on 5 different circuits) "unable to resolve DNS and so failed page access",. this is a standard privoxy message.

FYI, when you get that Privoxy message while using Tor (or any other downstream proxy) it just means that Tor was unable to retrieve the page. Privoxy has no way of knowing whether this was because of a DNS failure or some other reason. (If Privoxy is the final proxy then it knows whether the problem is DNS or not. They should probably use a different failure message when Privoxy passes the request onto another proxy.)


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Sorry Jim, thats what it says, if these are NOT refusing DNS resolution, then they ARE actively blocking access to named urls which are noncriminal in nature (like this one), if so, then thats even worse and for so many - implies ALL these exit nodes have a linked (organized) hidden agenda.

Try this... enter into your torrified/privoxyified browser the url "cobblers.za" and go get it.

You'll see the following privoxy message page entitled "404 - No such Domain"


 This is Privoxy <http://www.privoxy.org/> 3.0.6 on YourMachineName
 (, port 8118, enabled

   No such domain

Your request for *http://www.cobblers.za/* could not be fulfilled, because the domain name *www.cobblers.za* could not be resolved.

This is often a temporary failure, so you might just try again <http://www.cobblers.za/>.

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   * View & change the current configuration
   * View the source code version numbers
   * View the request headers. <http://config.privoxy.org/show-request>
   * Look up which actions apply to a URL and why
   * Toggle Privoxy on or off <http://config.privoxy.org/toggle>
   * Documentation <http://www.privoxy.org/3.0.6/user-manual/>

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Thats because " the domain name *www.cobblers.za* could not be resolved." so it says.

When I was doing this with "webcrawler.com" that was the error that was eventually given, after it sat there for ages (unlike the example above which returns immediately), repeatedly trying numerous circuits with those exits, that I later excluded, and would sit there for 1-2 minutes trying, with my browser active (activity icon whirring), until finally this failed DNS resolution message appeared.

But these exits were resolving other urls OK (and plenty of them without any error, in fact, I started using msn.com because of this for a while - whilst still trying to get webcrawler.com to work now and then) and just a simple exclusion of these rogue exits solved the problem.

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