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Re: Excessive scrubs

     On Fri, 15 Oct 2010 08:29:04 -0500 Jon <torance.ca@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Thanks, followup it is running properly now. I did an upgrade to
>Vidalia only and it resolved the issue. There have been no more
  [massive top-posting sequence *deleted*  --SB]
     Two requests:
	1) please learn to edit followups in-line, i.e., stop top-posting
	2) if you plan to continue to run a relay with SafeLogging 0 in
	   its torrc, please post the identifier fingerprint of the relay,
	   so the rest of us can all add it to our ExcludeNodes lists.
	   SafeLogging 0 is a security violation that is only intended for
	   debugging a problem, not for normal use.  Read the documentation
	   about it.

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