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Re: Excessive scrubs

     On Wed, 20 Oct 2010 08:11:25 -0500 Joe Btfsplk <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx>
>  So I won't make same 'mistakes' as Jon, please explain what you mean by:
>> please learn to edit followups in-line, i.e., stop top-posting
>[Isn't top posting the way most forums work? I'm guessing protocol is 
>diff because it's a mailing list??  I haven't used mailing lists that 

     Nope.  I've never seen any non-tor-related lists where so many people
top-post.  On most lists to which I have ever subscribed, other subscribers
firmly object to top-posting when it appears on those lists.  Also, feel free
to visit

>> please learn to list-reply, i.e. stop breaking threads
>What is meant by "list-reply" vs "stop breaking threads"?  Aren't they 2 
>diff things?

     This is something I've answered many times on this list already, but
I will answer it this one final time.  After this, anyone who gives a dam
can bloody well look up an instance of my explanation in the list archives.
     I think what he was referring to was the fact that I do not use a mail
interface that supports the use of optional headers for threaded reading of
mail by subject similar to the way threaded USENET newsreaders do it.  My
explanation in this case is in two parts:  1) regardless of the condition
of other subscribers to mailing lists, my eyeballs and brain work just fine,
so I have no trouble following the flow in the lists, including list digests,
which are what I receive for most of my list subscriptions outside of the
tor-related lists, especially for lists that are such low-volume lists as
the tor-related lists tend to be, and 2) it's out of my control anyway
because I not only am not the system administrator on this system, I have
merely a guest account for the primary purpose of dealing with email, so
I can't install mail software to suit the tastes of other people on the
lists to which I subscribe.
>Respectfully Scott, some would consider your signature / long quote, w/ 
>multiple rows of asterisks & dashes a bit excessive.  Doesn't bother me 
>particularly, but would some.
     And some would consider phony names used in email to show lack of
courage of convictions when voicing opinions in public, although I do
recognize that there are some life-threatening situations where such practices
may be necessary to reduce/eliminate the risk and the lack of courage is
therefore forgivable.  I don't know your situation, and perhaps you are
exposed to such dangers, so I cannot comment upon the particular case of
your use of a seemingly phony name, nor do I let such usage bother me
as a rule either.
     Many people also would consider my .signature not to be excessive,
and there are many whose .signature blocks are far larger than mine, some
so much so that I would also be inclined to object if the owner were a
frequent poster.  FWIW, mine has gone through many changes over the years,
but I like the way it is at present.  If I run across another quotation that
I happen to like better, I may replace it.  For mailing list use, I normally
omit the postal address lines anyway as below.
     Although I didn't respond directly to Jon's reply, I'd like to thank
him for his update and its reassurance.

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