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Re: Excessive scrubs

> And some would consider phony names used in email to show
> lack of courage of convictions when voicing opinions in public

Throughout history, some of the world's most important movements
and changes have originated with the Anonymous.

Anonymity is a tool whose use case is rightly selected solely by the
user, not others. As are defenses against it the purview of the latter.
Neither free to trample the other across the divide. It's a beautiful thing.

During such selection, certainly some would consider system nodes
run by those who speak against such anonymity (in whichever the case)
as fine candidates for their excludes... lest they become unreliable
partners (in whichever the heat, or the whim).

Then again, how does one select any particular partner from the
space, be it node or human? Which assertions are true? Which
shall stand? And what value to assign the many silent ones?

Most curious questions indeed.
Therefore, rest.
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