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Descriptor fingerprint format

Descriptor fingerprints look like this:
opt fingerprint 0001 AC1F 9AE6 9A00 3C5E 6F02 73CB D69E C6E7 6926
opt fingerprint FFEB 470C F379 9E9C 5956 8521 8627 9ED5 55AB 1340

It's an extra routine to remove or add the spaces for scripting, with
the control port, etc. And who really uses them in a human fashion
with spaces anyways, this isn't a keysigning party :)

It also uses about 9 spaces x ~3300+ descriptors ~= 30,000 bytes
of traffic for one client to pull the entire relay list. Multiply that
by number of clients[?] x the frequency[?] ~= bandwidth wasted.

Maybe another ~10,000+ bytes x clients x freq could be saved by not
publishing the junk after the first left bracket '[' in the windows
platform lines.

Any ideas on removing these two someday?
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