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Re: Descriptor fingerprint format

On 2010-10-29 02:23, grarpamp wrote:
> Descriptor fingerprints look like this:
> opt fingerprint 0001 AC1F 9AE6 9A00 3C5E 6F02 73CB D69E C6E7 6926
> ...
> opt fingerprint FFEB 470C F379 9E9C 5956 8521 8627 9ED5 55AB 1340
> It's an extra routine to remove or add the spaces for scripting, with
> the control port, etc. And who really uses them in a human fashion
> with spaces anyways, this isn't a keysigning party :)
> It also uses about 9 spaces x ~3300+ descriptors ~= 30,000 bytes
> of traffic for one client to pull the entire relay list. Multiply that
> by number of clients[?] x the frequency[?] ~= bandwidth wasted.
> Maybe another ~10,000+ bytes x clients x freq could be saved by not
> publishing the junk after the first left bracket '[' in the windows
> platform lines.
> Any ideas on removing these two someday?

Why not just run a compression algorithm over them, or even better, just
do everything in binary format?

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