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Re: TCP stack attack?

On Sat, 23 Oct 2010 12:42:11 -0700
Julie C <julie@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Has anyone come across any TCP stack implementation vulnerability research?
> I am interested in reading about what has been tried, and what has not been
> tried as yet. At this point in my education it strikes me that the TCP stack
> on any Tor node could be altered to do malicious things, and no one would
> ever know, or be able to know.

Roughly every attack that can be performed in a Tor node's TCP stack
can also be performed by anyone that can stick his own hardware between
the Tor node and the Internet.  There are some attacks that can be
performed there, but an attacker who can modify a Tor node's kernel
would be able to do more damage by reconfiguring or modifying Tor

Robert Ransom

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