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Re: New Bundle Version 1.3.10

* M <moeedsalam@xxxxxxxxx> [2010:10:16 18:48 +0000]: 
> Why the switch to noscript? and link on the issue?

Hey there,

I am working on writing this up -- I sat down with Mike Perry, the Torbutton
developer, and we went over what each of the Firefox extensions added. It's not
in any kind of proper document yet, but here are my notes about the new
extensions so you aren't left hanging for too much longer:

- pre-emptively converts http URLs into https URLs for many popular
  sites that support https

- majority of options are disabled
- allows users to globally toggle javascript
- provide click-to-play placeholders in the event that users want to set torbutton to
  enable plugins

- exists only to delete flash cookies in the event that users allow
  plugins and run certain flash apps. it cleans up any data that flash
  might write outside of our control. (backup mechanism.)

I'll let you know when I have a fuller analysis available.


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