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Re: Question about torbrowser for mac

* Justin Aplin <jmaplin@xxxxxxx> [2010:10:27 01:46 -0400]: 
> >Thats why i was confirning whether the torbutton was intentionally
> >left our of the package and covered by noscript
> I don't see Torbutton installed either (latest browser bundle on OSX
> 10.5), but I was under the assumption that the functionality of
> Torbutton was built into the custom version of the browser itself, so
> having it installed as a separate extension would be unnecessary.
> Since the package is designed as a "portable secure browser", there
> should be no reason to disable that functionality. What exactly are
> you trying to do?

This is actually a weird Firefox thing -- depending on where you install the
extensions, they either show up in the add-on list or they don't. The Torbutton
extension is installed somewhere different from the other extensions, because
that was how I got it to work originally. So it's installed, and it works, it's
just some accidental ninja obfuscation happening. (Incidentally, it *does* show
for me on 10.5, so it took me a while to figure out what was happening.)

BTW, does the Torbutton toggle button show in the bottom right of the browser
for either of you?

I'll see if it will actually work in another location so it'll show up, because
it should. It just didn't originally.

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