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Re: Tor Browser Bundle for Mac OS X released

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 03:35:44AM +0000, moeedsalam@xxxxxxxxx wrote 1.9K bytes in 49 lines about:
: 1) The link on the site for 1.0.4 is not working. The file does not
: seem to exist at that location.

works for me from both servers (US and Austria).

: 2) I tried to stop and restart TOR maybe 20 times, and still can't get
: the Namoroka to start (1.0.2). Maybe you can just allow users to start
: it with a double click if all else fails, ike the earlier versions of
: torbrowser for windows

error logs?

: 3)  I am unable now to write any response in the standard version of
: gmail using tor. The pages justs says "loading" forvever but never
: loads. I am writing using html view now.

does normal firefox with torbutton work?

: 4) The behaviour of torbutton is still erratic. Pages loaded return
: with the message "torbutton blocked java.. using save-as"  while the
: same page loads with the windows version

Likely, these are different circuits and exit relays.  Perhaps you've
found an exit trying to inject java into a page, or perhaps something is
configured incorrectly.

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