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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden Services - Access control.

> On 9/30/14, Lluís <msl12@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > ...
> > I didn't find anything about access control,
> > is there anyway of doing this ?
> > Can I hide the *.onion address to anyone, but me ?
> you cannot hide the existence of the *.onion, as these are "location
> hidden" not "existence hidden".

I believe you are mistaken. Quoting tor manpage:

       HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient auth-type client-name,client-name,...
           If configured, the hidden service is accessible for
           authorized clients only. The auth-type can either be
           'basic' for a general-purpose authorization protocol or
           'stealth' for a less scalable protocol that also hides
           service activity from unauthorized clients. Only clients
           that are listed here are authorized to access the hidden
           service. Valid client names are 1 to 16 characters long
           and only use characters in A-Za-z0-9+-_ (no spaces). If
           this option is set, the hidden service is not accessible
           for clients without authorization any more. Generated
           authorization data can be found in the hostname file.
           Clients need to put this authorization data in their
           configuration file using HidServAuth.

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