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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden Services - Access control.

01.10.2014, 15:41 Lunar:
> coderman:
>> On 9/30/14, Lluís <msl12@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> ...
>>> I didn't find anything about access control,
>>> is there anyway of doing this ?
>>> Can I hide the *.onion address to anyone, but me ?
>> you cannot hide the existence of the *.onion, as these are "location
>> hidden" not "existence hidden".
> I believe you are mistaken. Quoting tor manpage:
>        HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient auth-type client-name,client-name,...
>            If configured, the hidden service is accessible for
>            authorized clients only. The auth-type can either be
>            'basic' for a general-purpose authorization protocol or
>            'stealth' for a less scalable protocol that also hides
>            service activity from unauthorized clients. Only clients
>            that are listed here are authorized to access the hidden
>            service. Valid client names are 1 to 16 characters long
>            and only use characters in A-Za-z0-9+-_ (no spaces). If
>            this option is set, the hidden service is not accessible
>            for clients without authorization any more. Generated
>            authorization data can be found in the hostname file.
>            Clients need to put this authorization data in their
>            configuration file using HidServAuth.

How does that hide the existence of the hidden-service?

Sebastian G. bastik
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