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Re: [tor-talk] How does Tor help abuse victims?

> I appear to lack imagination on how Tor helps abuse victims. Since some
> of you are involved with some organizations working in that field, I
> hope you give some insight.
> Personally I see no benefit in using Tor from the point of view of an
> abuse victim. Beside the properties why anyone could use Tor.
> Quite the opposite, the abuser seems to gain more by using Tor, if
> he/she (mostly he) is anonymous in the first place.

I know of at least one use case that I have personally seen.

A lot of abuse victims have never told anyone or have told very few
folks that they are victims of abuse.  It's one of those things that
people just don't feel comfortable talking about, and for a good
reason, as abuse victims are often stigmatised by our society and
there is a great deal of victim blaming that happens.  There exists
online a number of websites where victims of abuse can privately
get together to discuss their past or current abuse and find ways
to either get out of the situation or move on with life.

These sorts of things are a godsend for such people.

Another use-case would be the anonymous reporting of abusers.  In
this case someone who is not the abuse victim, but knows of the
abuse can report it without fearing reprisal from the abuser.  This
is the same sort of logic that led to anonymous tip lines for police

Thank you,
Derric Atzrott

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