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Re: [tor-talk] orWall 1.0.0 released!

On 04/10/14 00:27, Mike Perry wrote:
> CJ:
>> Hello!
>> just a small update regarding orWall: it's released 1.0.0!
>> There's still *one* annoying issue regarding the tethering, but it
>> should be OK next week. Just have to take some time in order to debug
>> this for good.
>> orWall provides now a brand new UI in order to be easier to handle.
>> There's also an integrated help (as a first-start wizard we might call
>> later on).
>> There are many new features and improvements, like:
>> - ability to disable all rules and let the device access freely the Net
>> - for each app, the possibility to access some advanced settings
>> allowing to bypass Tor, or tell orWall the app knows about proxies or Tor
>> - better management for the init-script
>> - better management for iptables rules
>> - translations in French, German and Italian are almost done
> Hey CJ, just wanted to let you know that I've tried OrWall and it's a
> huge improvement! Way better user experience on just about every front!

\o/ I'm really glad I could do something more userfriendly

> I also have not detected any leaks on my upstream router, either.

thanks to the init-script and a better iptables management ;). DROP
policy is just the key.

> When I get a chance, I will update the original blog post to recommend
> OrWall instead of my crazy Droidwall hack scripts.

Wow… Thank you!

>> Any feedback from Tor/Orbot users interest me in order to improve
>> orWall. I think the current release is pretty good, but as the main dev
>> I'm maybe not that neutral regarding this statement ;).
> The one thing is that I find the long-press options for "Connectype
> type" confusing: 
>  - "Force connection" to what? I assume through Tor's transproxy because
>     of the REDIRECT text, but this will not be clear to users who are
>     unfamiliar with iptables.
>     How about: "Redirect all network activity"

hmmm yes. Why not, I think it's a sentence people will understand indeed

>  - What does "native capacity"/"fenced path" mean? Does that mean only
>    access to the local SOCKS/HTTP proxy ports in Tor's case?
>    How about: "Only allow local proxy port access"

Same thing. As this box allow all local connections (no port filtered
for now, I'll maybe add it later), text will be correct.

> These are complicated ideas to convey, though. I'm not sure my
> suggestions are the best ones either.

True :/. It's a bit explained in the wizard though. But I think the
wizard might be worked out a bit more, it's painfully long and full of text.

> I also suggest soliciting input about the DNS issue we discussed where
> DNS queries are done by root on Android 4.3+ unless the
> 'ANDROID_DNS_MODE=local' environment variable is set. Perhaps someone
> will come up with a clever hack to set this env var in a persistent way
> that we haven't thought of, or find some way to write a shim on the DNS
> resolution filesystem socket to enforce what we want.

yup. This part is hard, and I don't think I'll be able to find a
solution alone. I'll open an issue on the github tracker and place a big
"help wanted" in it :).

> You could list this on a known issues or FAQ page, or in your bugtracker
> I guess. Making root/UID 0 handle DNS is also a security risk, and I'm
> very surprised the Android team thought this was a good idea. :/

Oh, well, they also decided to follow Oracle JVM Cipher list, you know…
Nothing surprises me now ;).

> Also looking forward to the "Logs" window doing something :)

Same for me. This part will be complicated due to different kernel
some supports LOG target, other NFLOG, and the latter doesn't provide
any nflog reader in the ROM (heya, Cyanogenmod, you're brain-dead on this!).
Thus it means:
- detecting which kind of log is supported
- create some UI in order to activate logs (already have some ideas)
- inject some binary in the system for nflog support
- … and many other things.

Maybe this can be avoided, as AFWall+ is considering providing some
intents as API end-points. This would mean:
- install orWall
- install AFWall+
and you'll get the best of both worlds, as AFWall will take care of the
iptables and log interfaces, just executing orWall orders…

Thanks for your feedback!



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