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[tor-talk] orWall 1.0.0 released!


just a small update regarding orWall: it's released 1.0.0!
There's still *one* annoying issue regarding the tethering, but it
should be OK next week. Just have to take some time in order to debug
this for good.

orWall provides now a brand new UI in order to be easier to handle.
There's also an integrated help (as a first-start wizard we might call
later on).
There are many new features and improvements, like:

- ability to disable all rules and let the device access freely the Net
- for each app, the possibility to access some advanced settings
allowing to bypass Tor, or tell orWall the app knows about proxies or Tor
- better management for the init-script
- better management for iptables rules
- translations in French, German and Italian are almost done

Any feedback from Tor/Orbot users interest me in order to improve
orWall. I think the current release is pretty good, but as the main dev
I'm maybe not that neutral regarding this statement ;).


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