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Re: [tor-talk] orWall 1.0.0 released!

On Fri, Oct 3, 2014, at 03:37 AM, CJ wrote:
> just a small update regarding orWall: it's released 1.0.0!
> There's still *one* annoying issue regarding the tethering, but it
> should be OK next week. Just have to take some time in order to debug
> this for good.
I just want to say how gratifying it is to have another person in the
Tor community really dedicating and dev cycles to mobile. It is great to
see Orwall get to 1.0.

> orWall provides now a brand new UI in order to be easier to handle.
> There's also an integrated help (as a first-start wizard we might call
> later on).

My main critique right now is that the UI is quite complicated, and has
way too much text. I know your starting point was to automate the
instructions from Mike's blog post, and you have achieved that. However,
if we want to reach my goal (remove all root/transproxy features from
Orbot), we need to still support the one or two-tap capability that
Orbot now provides.

Perhaps you could add a default "easy mode" which starts with this, and
then hide the current UI under an advanced mode?

> There are many new features and improvements, like:

These are all great, and go way beyond anything we have in Orbot!

all the best!
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