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[tor-talk] bbc horizons fairly recent Re: Tor in the media

robert pointed me back to the media archive at tor.  thanks.

nice cache there.  i like how the OGV format doesn't take any time to view over a browser in addition to its open/free nature. other formats or containers include avi mov webm mp4.

vlc seems to play everything so far.

this video looks fairly recent ( this BBC season ) and includes another identifyable activist who used tor and reasonably concluded it protected her upon interrogation by secret police.


syrian activist
about 29:55 into vid.

this video looks like an attempt to gently wake people up as well as (of course) mentioning the  deep dark boogey net.  

a quick survey might categorize it the video?  ?

traces networked anonymity concerns back to david chaum in early 80s.

near the intro a journalist demos a smartphone on a street corner and about 25 wifi hosts. that's allot of redundnant signal convergence available for location estimation.

unprotcted search concerns dealt with a pregnancy example and targetted marketing.


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