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Re: [tor-talk] tor browser speed.

i've been informed running a bridge  relay/node requires 24/7 uptime so i'm building a "Box" to run at home dedicated to a tor bridge.

it takes more than a week for a node to start to integrate into the network and every time the node goes down i think you start again.

but you can run one via torcloud. i run two of them (https://cloud.torproject.org/)
originally i opened a torcloud node to offer bandwidth to the torproject while i built my home torbox from old hardware but ...

torcloud is inexpensive (for 1 year at least) and likely more reliable than a home ISP connection  (at least more reliable than my connection in canada).
this way i can donate bandwidth both from home and via "the cloud".  if one goes down the other still runs.  

additionally cloud + home offers network diversity.

i can't gurantee you will reach the speeds you desire however amazon's cloud services are designed to be steady and reliable.  again  better than my home ISP connection in terms of uptime.

torcloud is an official torproject release.

i quite like it.  the torproject has a preconfigured image you install after starting your amazon cloud computing account.     

i am not an expert but have been through the process twice so can offer help if you run into problems.   

i have yet to pay any fees after running for one month but torcloud cap is currently $3 USD/month under the amazon cloud computing "Free" plan (free up to 15GB networking bandwidth and torlcoud caps at 40GB usage/month).

once your torcloud bridge is running you can connect to it by manually entering your bridge node IP in place of a list of bridges tor gives you.

bridge writeup here

On Oct 6, 2014, at 3:39 AM, Hartmut Haase wrote:

> Does that mean my PC has to run all day long? Normally I use it about 4 hours a day only.
>> The safest and easiest way is to run a middle node.
> How do I do that?

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