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[tor-talk] Random Network Upgrades That May Be Of Use In Tor‏

Below is the text from a few posts that may be of use in Tor.


Hardware Based Increases?

Moving receiver?

00 inputs slots?

00 input slots?






Depending on the input going into=


4 inputs=00,01,11,10

5 inputs=,to whatever010101010101,0101-most used code(s)???

6 inputs=00,01,11,10,0000,1111-or whatever-----

8(9) inputs=000,001,011,111,110,100+ sent in 1 1/2 times 8 bit or whatever?

16 inputs=0000,0001,0011,0111,1111,1000,1100,1100,1000+

25 inputs=00000,11111 1/

12 inputs=000,001,011,111,100,110,010,101,()


Timing Data sending/spliting near inputs?

increasing data capacity?

Encrypting when sending

And decrypting/encrypting data along route?

optical processing? over networks?




---------------\-----------1011001-10,11,01,11,10,11-------doubling data???/

---------------\-----------1011001-1110,001,00,11,10(whatever lengths)-----creating new sets of data?

Sending mirror other down part of data stream?

copying and sending certain timed signals?

------placing back into main stream by length of cables difference?

------merging? or seperate?

Next hub doing whatever else,

encrypting again?

increasing size?

Across world 010101010-sent becomes depending on nodes passed through


along line or at provider near you running data through different systems to create

larger sets or other=====01101010101......-------provider with 
instructions for pass through or 


From provider/other?

Data sent in programmed order.

And outputting more data than was sent.......

10mbs connection maybe 20mbs-1,000mbs+

100mbs= need for 10 times upping data over a 10mbs?

or decreasing 10-times data as passes though provider?

or combination decreasing sending size and increasing receiving size on system?



Wireless Networking

So I've been posting some on Increasing HDD size through software/other on current type HDD's.

I've been thinking could the same be done for networking?

HDD example?

1 disc 

top neg=00, top pos01

bot neg=11, bot pos=10

multi disc  x= capacity?



0=no pulse1=pulse?

no pulse=00 pulse=11?

no pulse no pulse=0110

pulse pulse=1001

or something--- max 3 in row, more?

channel bonding /other 20mhz,40,mhz

20mhz0=00,1=01 40mhz0=11,1=10

3,4,5,6,7,8+ channels,

Less data on each channel?


depending on number of channels.

1 on channel #000000000 1 on channel 8 111111111111

Or combining of channels sets of channels?

channels 1-2 00-11, channels 3-6=0000-1111 7-.....+,+,+

And more depending on the channels, reducing data by more than half?

How many times?

Channel 1-0=00, channel 6-1=0110-channel 10-0=10010011

Sent data(1,1,0) from different channels= 00011010010011

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