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[tor-talk] Random Hardware That May Be Of Use In Tor

Below is the text from a few posts that may be of use in Tor.

Hard Drives

Program a hard drives way of writing data?

Or a software that can do it.

Raid hard drives:

Can this already be done?

Half+ data on different parts of disc?

4x+/- with say 2TB drive with data placed along the disc repeated 4 times?

making 4x512gb with 4 spots to read from? 3 backups?

--Duplicate data on opposite sides of the disk to

have the disk to only have to spin half/quarter way to read any data.

2. Set the harddrive to write in sets of data instead of 1/0.

0=00,1=01 top of platter certain partition?

0=01,1=11 bottom of platter different partition? 

Or a have software to interpret the data  that way.

Possibly to be extended to multiple platters with greater variations.

Using 000-111(9),,,,0000-1111(16)(+) depending on the number of hard drives in raid or platter count.

example- 512gb hd use 00-11 using 4 partitions/platter/other sets. Making a 512gb Hdd  into a 1tb hard drive. 

Also half/quarter the data location on the disk to increase read speed?

Creating with a 00-11 set a 256gb or 512gb hdd with 4 duplicates for reads instead of 128gb or 256gb duplicated.

Maybe 6tb 6 platter hd, made into a 

12/ 24tb+/-? hard drive?

Also I would like to partition or 

just use a software or whatever to try to do say 100+ partitions/or read areas/other set. 

10 digit+ 0000000000-1111111111

Increasing the storage amount by up 

to 10X depending on how data is stored?

If that is to much for a direct hardware allocation possible a software 
that assigns values like that to increase data storage amount ?100+fold 
or more?

Other- Could the 00-11 be stacked?

I'm not sure if the hard drives do this already or not, but if a harddrive

was programed to place top neg=00, top pos=01

bottom pos=11,bot neg=11. Could you add another layer in software

to make code at a higher level splitting into 4 way coding?

Doubling or many more times the capacity of a drive?

 Harddrives made like Cpus'

Cpu/Ram? access type with material 

from hardives deposited in the cpu die.

Layered cpu style.

Resulting Hdd size? 



Replace ram and hd?

Cheap intel CPU?$40?

1 for Hdd,

1for Cpu/Gpu or one of each?

1 for Ram if needed or wanted?

1 for all controller,wifi,other?

Other Possibilities?

Use a cypher/other for the data? compression?

0000 0001 0011 0111 

=0     =1     = 01  =11

1111 1000 1100 1110

=111 = 00  =101 =110  


0101 1010 1001 0110   1101  1011   0100    0010

=10   =001 =010 =011 =110 =1011= 0100 =0010

Code or other in program to select and assign values depending on most present code combos in data?

01 10      0011  1101

0   1        11       10

Specify different types of Hdd sector cluster types?

example:0000-1111+/- to specify type of cluster any use?

0000=a 0001=b 0011=c 0111=d.........

Third variable in HDD non negative or positive--




Use a bit based way of assigning data a value. Even and odd numbers?

1        2       3       4       5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

0=00 0=01 0=00 0=01.............................

1=10 1=11 1=10 1=11..............................

1 =10 if bit 3072 is 0 = 10 if 1= 1110 

4096/4=1024, 4096-1024=3072(last quarter)

if 3926 =0 1110 if 1 =1110 0110(or any combo 1001 0110, 1110 1001)

As many more times as may work.

Cluster labeling?

if in an A cluster doubles to 1110 0001 1100 0110

If in a B cluster changes to 1100 0011 0011 0111

if in a C cluster changes to .......

if in a D cluster check specific cluster (cluster x-541)(or0000000001000) if 01 in (cluster x-541)-(4056)

code or double or change or other =..............

Or any other combo?

2bit base sets instead of 1bit.

1,2           3,4           5,6          7,8

11=1000 11=0001   11=0011  11=1100

00=1111  00=0000  00=1100  00=1011



4bit base sets instead of 2bit.

1243      5678      9101112   13141516

0000      0000      0000      0000

=         =         =         =

01010101  10101010  11110000  00001111


and on...It would seem that since data I'm pretty certain is in even 
numbered(8bit?) amounts that any amount of even sets should work.

2+ materials in Hdd , Option to create weaker and stronger fields?

4 types+ of bits= what?

1 neg=1/ 2 neg=01/ 3neg=?? 

1 pos=0/ 2 pos=10/ 3pos=??

Solid State Quantum Computing?

Use a hdd type cpu(cpu with hdd material in it) and use solid state bit holding in cpu for quantum computing?

quantum computer qubit--- pos and neg at once?

1=neg  2neg  3

1=pos  2pos  3    

I looked at hard drives in the light of what parts of the pc slows it down.

What are the limits of disc based hard drives?

I found spin speed? Arm movement? maybe circuitry? 

Size of the disk?

I read a few post on how it has been tried to make them faster.

Is it just cost or what is limiting hard drive manufacturers?


2 arms in a hard drive? both able to read and write at the same time?

Multiple arms so any part of the hard drive can be read from in the same amount of time?

Disc- Rotated from the outside keeping the center of the disc?

Magnetic rotation instead of motor based? mag lev stabilization?

Spinning and holding from outside/middle/inside of disc?

Or even roller/other based?

different kind of arms?

or no arm at all?

Arm that allows each layer of arm to be in whatever position from tension or other?

1 arm motor moves layer of head each head in set ways?


Strip/other going the whole length of hard drive able to read or write from entire disc surface at once?


*multiple arms/strips that do do don't move to cover entire area.

Better aerodynamics inside of hard drive reduce friction?

Not just helium-- internal structure.

Increase speed from air flow produced?

Better heat disbursement?

Air flow in around hard drive? 

Heat Sink?

Sealed area around disc..

Air flow around area in harddrive..

Reverse flow blow out dust?

Single surface that covers entire disc?

Be able to read or write from any part of disc at once?

Rotating or not?


Cones multiple read heads per cone/ mechanical/other redirect 

for multiple locations?

head head

\ / \ _ /

\ / \_!_/switch

disc disc

Would the optical group be able to make a disc that can all be read at once with light?


Pass through for whole disc reading?



or whatever?


 What is the limit in write speeds?

Multiple discs and heads on 1 arm?

Write each bit of data one after another on different disc?

Then put them together or however in down time?


What capacity of hard drive could a chip manufacturer make in a cpu or smaller die size using current fab 14nm or larger? (Ram?)

Computer Hardware

What I would like to ask is why is computer hardware so base.

In that with the engineering potential that I hope exist the hardware barley advances each year.

Granted small improvement have taken place each year that offer more power or other.

What about the basics of what the hardware is being used for?

I speak mainly as to the consumer side of things but if similar hardware
 is being deployed on the corporate side then much could be wanted. 


So To Delve In.

What are the limits in the desired uses of any products?

What direction has been taken a path down and for what purpose?

ex: CPU-litho shrink, change in design,other?

What is at the core that is limiting unlimited processing power in a cpu or gpu or other?

Would that be something to set out after?

Here is some going into depth now.

CPU- Issues? Heat? Why? Resistance? Why? Other? Why?

Have the CPU manufacturers looked at every single portion of there chip and measured the resistance in that 

portion?  What about the motherboard?

If certain portions of chips had changes.. increases in size/increase in
 material used and a even balance was produced what would the end result



You that design and make them.

Look for energy build and lack as the energy flows through the chip.(under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)

Change those areas and you may have a huge with possible no cap increase in what your chip can do.

Motherboards Manufacturers-

Look at where the cpu connects to your boards as well as where junctions are.

Where other components connect.

You may find high resistance, or vacuums. (under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)

Fix a few of these and heat may soon become a thing of the past.

Also the connections that are used to connect the components.

PCIe for ex. Have you measured it under full to past max load and looked at the connecting components?

You may find many bottle necks across your boards along similar lines. (energy build up or vacuums)


Similar to CPU's there may be simple build ups, missing 
uses/connections/energy flow that hinder your performance by many 
hundred to thousand folds.  Consider looking at each part. (under: Low 
Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)

Components on system boards-

Look into them and find the bottlenecks or other?

(under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)

usb2-speed vs usb3 speed?

solution? solution fix to problem not fully understood cause?

Modification to usb2 that is different than to usb3 result- many multiple times faster than usb3.

(under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)

Power Supplies-

Check you wire from plug to your box.

Depending on what your using you may be loosing more than you know 1/2-2/3 the way down the power cord.

Check your energy converters? 


(under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)

You may be able to get 1600-3000 watt equivalents out of 300-600+watts of currents energy ratings.

Look and find.

Why are wires present going from desktop  power supply to the components?

Transfer power?

In wall wiring?

Jack/set of jacks (set standard?). 

Side of power supply or external connector?

Transfer power through wiring in case?

Connection jacks set locations under mother board lock into?

Other locations?


Liquid cooling with no liquid entering the case?(freezer type/other)

Cooling from an external source with cooling pipes run into the system insulated?

Design and running of your piping.

Cooling-Video cards.

Thermal Barrier behind GPU? Heatsink behind GPU?

Proper thermal management of heat pipes.

If the heat is building up in one area move it collect it?

If it's not being down why? You have the tools modify them.

Cooling CPU- 

Heat rises?

CPu heat sinks set on top of processor?

In most systems heat can travel up between the heatsink and the processor?

Many solutions-- 

Boards have processors that lie horizontal.

Board/heatsinks that seal the heat in to be transferred to cooling structures.

Heatsink/board combo that have a heat sink that engulfs the cpu/gpu on all sides.

!heatsink!           processor                cpu

!-----------!            --------- barrier        ---------thermal transfer material(copper/other)     

! !cpu  ! !            board                     ---------barrier

! !-------!!                                           board


heatsink - --------

 cpu                  !!piping

Board               !!

cap- heat trapping/in connect with or without heatsink

The solutions are present. 

Do unknown resolution of the solution keep those creating from completing?

Heat pipping new issue --- known solution <+/- 100 ,,,,Unknown solutions  > the unknown.
Different path? What is the goal? What is the core to find the goal? Even if it isn't the current goal at hand? 

Cooling Cases-

Channels in a case?

Air pumped into a case through channels in a cases chassis?

Air cooled in route along cooling piping?

Directed in compressed air into onto location to be cooled?

Vacuum connected to heat producing components?

Copper tubing channeling running through the case?

laptop and desktop?

Thermally insulating heat pipes laptop and desktop?

Thermally insulating chassis laptop and desktop?

Running laptop cooling through channels air tight under pressure?

Multi cooling solutions for heat producing components dependent on heat levels produced in each heat pipe cluster.

Better fans(many more efficient designs exist.)

Ram-can be same as HDD

(under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)

Interface controllers- Sata/other similar to usb2-usb3--plenty of speed if found.

(under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)


What is the current purpose of the metal shielding liner in cables?

What effect does it have on signal/energy transfer?

How does everything perform without that?

Power cable design? With or Without/Other?

(under: Low Load/Medium Load/Full Load/Max)


Off Note:

Power lines in the power grid. How much energy bleeds of between posts? what kind of shielding other?

causing or not?

Something to look into is the high amount of energy that may be being 
transferred when the cable get close to the pole/post /other that is 
supporting it....grounding. 


Video Displays--- many solutions what is the desire-- many new types flexible/curved/other

What is the point of a display?-I touch some on that later.

Resolution? Not sure the current technique? pixels based?

What need to be shown? Images? Light?

Many solutions is there really a need yet?

One example- 

Light- speed of light. pixel change-slower?

Source light behind image- channels-shuttered/other?




\\//\\/ channels direct light.

colors constant change as fast as light can be opened or closed.

High Res Monitors

Displays that have pixels or not even pixels but light emission that cover all/any light colorings?



 ----red I I*

 ---blue I I tube*

 -green I I*

(yellow)I I*

--other?I I*

-----------------Output of one or any color combination?



Also fiber/other

Second Why is there not screen doubling/tripling/quading+

1080p  1080p

lcd         lcd---smaller sets of lcd displays?

      /    \ mirroring/other

__________________ screen

2+x 1080p=2160+????

4k-lcd x2=8k?

With mirroring and lensing--------

4-26in-1080p displays with some kind of output  software/other?

Could be turned into 1-4k-26in+/- screen with whatever lensing/other desired?




The core of the solutions-all the way to the solutions are here now to anything you may want.

All that you may need to do to find your solutions is take a step back and look at your problems a different way.

Maybe more base?

I write this and share whats below in hope that the development that can
 be done will soon start being seen as it can be done. And maybe with 
less effort than is know.


Any Limit That Is Still There Is Because You Haven't Taken The Time To Figure Out Why It Is A Limit.

-product upgrade cycle/cost/life of product/

-component limits/introduction of new components/design time/testing time/ fab changes

-Any problem/limit you have there is a solution/ 

Even the ones you say that is the way it is, or I wid=sh this could do this or that.

Adding and editing this in text format is still a pain why?

\\//   /\/\

----- -____

\\//   \\//

Try producing this and editing this in an email client/other... Try moving the set on the right over or down on line.

How many problems with possibly simple solutions do we see every day that go unanswered 

and why?????


Cpu's Gpu's

      How Do Processors Scale?

Do mobile to desktop cpu's scale the same way as mobile to desktop gpu's?

I looked at mobile gpus and noticed if mobile gpus were used in desktops
 there would be better performance using less energy and producing less 

Is this the same for cpu's?

I've read some on cpu's and I can't fully tell if this is the same.

Examples: gpu-2x mobile faster than 1x desktop

GTX 780 tdp 250(desktop)

3977 gflops


2x gtx 780m tdp 2x100=200(mobile)

5056 gflops

Is it the same if you used 2 laptop cpu's in a desktop?

i7-4870HQ tdp 47--- 9526-passmark(mobile)

i7-4790- tdp 84---10223-passmark(desktop)

2x i7-4870HQ tdp 47x2=94?)passmark 9526x2?=19052?

So does this mean that 2 mobile cpu's if down clocked? could outperform 1 desktop cpu at the same energy/heat/other?

Would multiple intel atoms be better than 1 laptop/desktop?


Also it seems 2x mobile gpu is faster than 1x desktop. would multi tegra k1's in a laptop be better

all around for performance/heat/power consumption than 1-2 mobile gpus? 


                  More about :

                  cpu scale gpus

CPU Energy Use




      I'm curious what happens to the energy that goes into a cpu?(gpu?)

Is it eventually grounded out? Does the electricity get reused? Same with a gpu?(ram/other)


If not currently reused would there be a reductions in cpu power use if it was?

I posted on blocks and vacuums in the power lines of motherboards/cpu's/other.

I'm curious if the build up points and vacuums were removed, or some 
type of vacuum was created to pull the electrons how fast could a 
cpu/gpu operate?

Speed of electrons/faster? 		 	   		  
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