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[tor-talk] Hardware Encryption

Here is some info that may be of use in Tor.

4k graphics down scaling to give better quality to 1080p graphics.
Hardware level up scaling Graphics/Other.
480p/1080p+/- graphics.
Output to screen hardware in system screen along data route other depending on data/path/other produces
more data/imagery.

1080p output---- in card from card along route/other-
electroms-0/1 turn into 0011 001111 or electrons o o o o ooo oo ooo

Multi level up along route?
Programing device changes(change pattern(s)physical/digital) across times as well as data order?

electrons flow into screen
Changed physically as they flow.
00111 to pixel 1, 110011 to pixel 10

Along route at destination becomes add to creates
10101 1to pixel 2 ' 11100 to pixel 3, 10001 to pixel 74 ' 011 to piexl 9' 0001 to pixel 6

Send only part of data to each pixel
0000111 needed for one pixel--- 
send 001 along route gets directed to pixel and is turn into 0000111

Combine pixels data create.
0010001 sent to pixel one and second half sent to pixel 11 as well
pixel 11=001
0111000 sent to pixel 23 send first other part sent to pixel 11 as well
pixel11 part 2 =1000
pixel 11 now equals 0011000

store data in each pixel.
Certain patterns-- data= electrons.
What patterns can be used by all pixels?
store o o oo oo oo or whatever in each value for a pixel.
Programmable hardware screen encryption.

In put electrons oo oo oo o oo oo or whtever-
pushes through mergers with replaces o o oo oo oo
and becomes oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo o oo o oo oo or whatever.

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