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[tor-talk] followup macox wget GUI front. supporting secure wget. deepvac

this shareware app succeeded under osx.
without turning off the certificate check (!)

"deep vacuum"
warning. shareware fee for some features.

also seems to be easier to use then cocao wget for most users.

from a usability perspective issues i've run into with wget involve a disconenct between what the user wants to do and how it's presented as an option.

one has to go through a lengthy decoding project to get what one wants.

so a well thought out gui overlay can help accessibility allot.

this version of gui wget at least has a minimal pick list easily decoded
eg "subdirectories only".

perfect for d/l datasets from torproject.
also has speed throttling (to be nice to tor) and size limits

not a hard recommendation but better than simple wget and cocao wget and easier than command line among osX options.

also supports https VS turning certificate check off.

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