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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] GoodBadISPs revamp?

On 10/12/2014 6:56 PM, subkeys@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> [cross-posted on tor-talk and tor-relays]
> i've found that the Tor GoodBadISPs list [1] is somewhat outdated on
> current hosts that allow Tor (exit) relays to be hosted. i'm trying to
> find a cheap host that allows exits to be operated from their services,
> and navigating the outdated list and finding an operator that isn't
> extremely expensive is time consuming (some entries go back to 2010!).

I may have an update for Digital Ocean here soon. Over the weekend my
exit node was used by someone brute forcing wordpress logins. As
expected the network to my droplet was disabled and I've been
communicating with them since. They seemed respectful that I could show
my droplet wasn't compromised and they directed me to their TOS which
doesn't disallow tor traffic but does hold one responsible for the traffic.

My latest response to them is that I'm happy to address abuse but I can
only do it if I'm informed about it however their TOS suggests that they
may terminate droplets if abuse occurs which doesn't give me time to be
responsible. I already run a limited exit policy to avoid DMCA hassle
but any response to abuse by it's very nature occurs after abuse has
taken place. I'm hoping to hear from them whether they'll allow
responsible actions for abuse or if they will simply terminate droplets
that have a history behind them.

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