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Re: [tor-talk] Social Research on TOR in Turkey during March2014

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 06:15:37PM -0600, Mirimir wrote:
> "Web of Trust" is problematic for those who chose pseudonymity. Over the
> years, I've come to trust several pseudonyms based on interactions via
> discussion forums and email, signed documents and software, apparent
> integrity, and so on. Nobody except me knows mirimir's true name, but
> everyone can judge me by what I've said and done.
> Purists want DNA swaps these days, I guess ;)

Not sure why a web of trust approach should be considered incompatible
with grounding trust in a pseudonym or what you mean by "true name"
(some sort of Vinge reference?), but in any case that's the best
Freudian typo of the day.

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