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[tor-talk] tor v0.2.5.x hits 'stable' repos / ControlPort auth behaviour change?

Just a heads up in case your tor daemon does not come up after the
update as it did in my case (actually my fault).

If you use torproject's RPM repo at

you might realize that you are getting tor v0.2.5.x(-rc) instead of
0.2.4.x (since 0.2.5.x is probably soon the new stable).

(same is apparently true for APT repos)

One notable "side effect" from this transition is that the 0.2.5.x RPMs
take your settings from /etc/tor/torrc into account (fixes #12834).

[1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/12834

Another observation (bug?) I made after transitioning from 0.2.4.x to
0.2.5.x that I'd like to have some confirm/can't confirm options is the

I use vidalia to connect to a system tor (via HashedControlPassword

Regarding the control port I had the following two lines in my torrc:

ControlPort 9051
HashedControlPassword xxxxxxxxx

after the upgrade to tor vidalia was unable to connect and
complained that tor asked for the authentication cookie - even though I
did not set CookieAuthentication. Only after explicitly setting
CookieAuthentication to 0 (which is the default anyway) vidalia was able
to connect using the password auth again.

Can anyone confirm this?

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